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Why not? ^^ Frankly, I was getting tired of all the nice, happy, sappy fics and pics that most contests have (not that I don't like them, mind you, just tired of 'em) and decided to have my own contest for the darker side of fics and pics to feed my twisted mind. ^^ I also thought it'd be cool to have an archive of such, so that I, or others, wouldn't have to search through a bunch of sites. ^^

There is another reason. To quote (or at least paraphrase) Jane Eyre, you cannot have light without dark. To truely know how good something is, you need to know how bad it could be. Humans are always comparing things, weighing one against another to determine which is better. Thus, after reading a dark and depressing fic, one can feel better about there own life, if it is not nearly as bad. Admittedly, some things are far too true to be completely fictional, and some may have lived through similar experiences, but with different results. Still, one could still say "I've been there before and I survived" or "I can relate to that, but at least . . . " Then there's the scare and squick factors. ^^ There are so many ways to scare/squick people. Fluffy romances, however, have gotten rather formulaic, as it's all been done before, one way or another. I find that there is just more room for creativity with dark, scary, and squicky (etc.) stuff. Mainly because it hasn't all been done before. (okay, so rape stories do tend to start sounding the same after a while, but good writers can make you forget that, just like with good fluffy romances ^_~) Love stories happen everyday, but horror stories (particularly with demons, monsters, and other such creatures ^_~) don't. That's the appeal. Let's face it, even if you have a split personality and one was evil, it's not very likely that the evil one would tear itself out of your back and raping you before melding back into you. ^_~

Hmm . . . I think that's more than one reason, actually. ^^;; Whoops!


Vegetaslovergirl a.k.a VLG-Sama
About me . . . hmm . . . Well, I go by VLG and/or P.A.N. (P.A.N. are my initials) and I run/own TU. I created Chibi Death, so please don't steal him, kay? ^_~ I am a writer and an artist (as evident by Chibi Death ^_~). My e-mail addy is vlg@terrorunknown.com. My fics and artwork can be found on my two sites (that's right, TWO! One got deleted. ^^;;) VLG Unlimited and VLG Unlimited 2.0 You can also find me and my latest artwork at Deviantart.


Obbie (Known formally as Obfuscate_fate)
Entries moderator and wielder of the mighty MOD staff o' doom. You can contact Obbie at obbie@terroruknown.com She will be handling/running the contest with me, and even for me when I cannot. She's my right arm and deserves as much respect as I, if not more. ^_~

Site Designer

With the exception of Chibi Death and adding the content, my dear, sweet, talented, generous friend Moon Faery designed the first version of this site. ^^ Ain't she great? ^_____^ All subsequent versions (and tweaks) are done by me.


None, yet. I'll let ya know.