Ah, prizes! The perks for entering a contest! ^^ So, you want to know what you would get if you were to place in this contest, hmm? Well, I'd tell ya, but I don't know yet. ^^;; There is one thing that every person who places gets, and that's this piece of paper, that I like to call a "certificate", that boasts their claim to fame. ^^ That, if nothing else, will remain consistant.

Another thing I like to keep doing each year are badges. (or banners, if you prefer) I want each year's badges to be different and, of course, personalized. Doing this, however, takes time. I would like to get someone else to handle designing and making the badges, though. If anyone wants the job, e-mail me! ^_~

Last year's (2002) contest prizes were mixed, to say the least. ^^;; Pewter figures, pendants, keychains, pins, and such with a similiar theme of death, skeletons, and just plain creepy. ^^ This year and the following, however, I hope to use prizes that are little more consistant. If I could get trophies made using Chibi Death, I would! ^_~ Anyway, I hope to get peoples input on what would be good prizes. Have an idea? Let me know! ^_~ If there are enough suggestions, I'll have members decide which would be best with polls. ^^