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Information Needed

The follow information is needed with each request.

E-mail Address
Date of Birth
Preffered Users names: First Choice, Second Choice, Third Choice
Preffered Passwords: First Choice, Second Choice, Third Choice

I will need your real name and address for my records. It helps me keep things organized and it is the only way to make sure that those who have forgotten their password and/or username are who they say they are. I have other reasons, but none of them include selling this information to third parties. I would never do that.

Your e-mail should be the one you use the most and not one you rarely check.

I ask for your DOB for several reasons. One, the content of this site is of a mature nature. Therefore, I request all underaged persons (under 18) have parental consent before requesting a membership. I will ask for further proof of age or permission if I feel that it is needed. To avoid confusion, you can mail a photocopy of a legal document that clearly states your age (ask for address) or e-mail an undoctored scanned legal document (etc.) to with the subject line "TU Age Verification".

The reason I need three user names and passwords are just in case one or two are already taken or, in the case of passwords, not usable. This triples the chance of getting one you want/can remember. ^^

Note: If you forget your password and ask me for it, I will ask you for your name, user name (if you still remember it), address, and DOB.



Once I receive your information and and discrepancies taken care of, I will activate your account by creating a user name and password from the list given. Once this is done and it's been tested, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you using the e-mail given. This may take a day or two, depending on my schedule and amount of mail I have to wade through. Please be patient.



The confirmation e-mail will not only tell you that you're account is active, but what your user name and password are. Be sure that the e-mail address you provide is not only active and checked often, but secure as well.


Privacy Statement

All information gathered will be kept confidential and will NOT be given out or sold for any reason. If it is required by law that I give out certain information, however, then I will, but only in that instance.


Membership Request Form

All fields are required, unless otherwise noted. Keep in mind, though, that if you submit before filling in all information, it can still be sent. I just won't create the account until I have all pertinent information. ^_~

Name: (Real name)

E-mail: (Working PRIVATE addy your username & password will be sent to)

Date Of Birth: (Example: 03/15/80)

Address: (PO Box number is fine)

Address2: (More space if needed)

City/State: (City, state, providence, county, whatever)

Country: (May leave blank if US)

Zip Code: (Those numbers at the end of your address :P)

All lowercase, no spaces or special characters
Username 1: (First preference)

Username 2: (If not the first, then . . .)

Username 3: (If not the second, then . . .)

All lowercase, no spaces or special characters
Password 1: (First preference)

Password 2: (If not the first, then . . .)

Password 3: (If not the second, then . . .)

Select one:
I have read the warnings and am over 18 years old
I have read the warnings, am between 13 and 18 years old, and have parental consent to join
(If you are under 13, you shouldn't even be here.)

Note: You do not have to use this form to join. If you prefer, send the information by e-mail to


Prices Information Needed Activation Confirmation Privacy Statement Membership Request Form