No, not like that! ^^;;

Ah, the wonders of copy & paste! ^^ Um, yeah. Anyway, there might not be a form unless someone knows how to set one up that allows you to add attachments. So, e-mail entries will be it for the forseeable future. ^^;; Below are instructions on submitting by e-mail. Read the rules thoroughly before submitting an entry. I'd hate for anyone to get disqualified because of a technicality. Plus, I might have missed something here. ^^;; If you have anyquestions about entering, and you've already checked the rules and FAQ, then e-mail me. ^^

Put "TU Entry" in the subject header, followed by the title and (fic) OR (pic). [Ex. TU Entry "Ghoulish Delight" (fic)] Send only ONE entry per e-mail. Make sure you provide ALL essential information in a text (only .txt please) file attatched to the e-mail. ATTACH or LINK to the entry. Fics written directly into the message body of the e-mail will NOT be accepted. Do NOT imbed images into the email, either. If linking to an entry, make sure the link works BEFORE sending it. If it's to a pic, make sure the host allows direct links. I cannot stress this enough. If we cannot get to the entry, we will not be able accept it. Send entries to:

The following info is needed for EVERY entry. (Don't assume we already know it from previous entries.)


Title is, of course, referring to the name of the entry.
Author/Aritist is your name or handle (pen name). For a pic, use Artist, and for a fic, use Author. Please don't use Author/Artist. ^^;; Note: If you change the pen name you entered under TELL US!!! Otherwise, you might get disqualified.
E-mail must be a working address. This is how we can get ahold of you and how people can give you feedback. Note: If it changes, let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Otherwise, you could get disqualified if we can't contact you.
Site is the address to your personal website OR where your entry is archived. People might want to see some more of your work. ^_~ This is optional, but if you do supply one, I might add it to the links page. (if it's your own site, and not someone else's)
Fandom indicates which series your fan piece is based on. Leave blank or off if it's an original piece.
Category lists which category, or categories, you wish to enter the piece in. Do not include the overall/best of categories, they are entered in those (that they qualify for) automatically. ^^ Note: If any entry does not have at least one category listed, it will be disqualified. Also, putting "ART" for a pic does NOT count! There is more than one art category and you must specify which one(s) you want to enter in.
Type is referring to what kind of entry this is. In other words, whether it's fanwork or original. That's all. ^_~
Rating is just that. The rating for your piece. ^_~Note: Do NOT leave off the rating just because you aren't sure of what to rate it! If nothing else, just use the highest rating it might be. Entries without ratings will NOT be accepted!
Pairing is where you list the pairing(s) in your entry. Put "None" or "N/A" if there is none. If there is and you want it to be kept a secret, just say so. But DON'T let us think there isn't any. Use full names instead of abbreviations or nicknames/numbers. If you are not familiar with a characters last/family name or just don't know how to spell it, you can leave it off or use an initial. (Ex. Yuuske U. from Yu Yu Hakusho or Serena from Sailor Moon or Dee from Fake) Don't, however, do the reverse. Like G. Son/Son G. in Dragonball Z. Which G is it? Goku? Gohan? Goten? Gohan Sr.? There's no telling without reading the fic. So be specific, okies? ^_~
Warnings . . . Use them. Even if it's listed in the category section. If you want to leave something off for a surprise ending, put "surprise ending". Be considerate. There are somethings some people want to avoid, even if they can stand, even like, others. Also, list pairing types (i.e. yaoi, yuri, het, slash, femslash). Some people aren't familiar with some names/fandoms. ^_~
Disclaimer Go here for more info and examples. Disclaimers are used to denote what/who doesn't belong to you, but also what does. (I claim this, but disclaim those) For original works, use this spot to give copyright info.
Summary should be brief and concise. Just tell us a little about what it's about. Skip this for pics.
Notes are optional. If you want to add a statement or a little insight to your entry, then this is where you put it. Try to keep it as short as possible. ^_~

Example of Entry info:

Title: Dante's Familiar
Author: Kitty Kat
Fandom: Digimon
Category: Sick Puppy, Lost Souls, Shadows of Dread
Type: Fanfic
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kaiser/Ken I. x Daisuke Motomiya, OC x Ken I.
Warnings: Yaoi, rape/ncs, lime, AU, death
Disclaimer: Digimon and it's characters do not belong to me, but Dante Delreaux does.
Summary: Years after the series ends, the Kaiser resurfaces in Ken's personality.
Notes: I plead insanity. ^^;;

(Note: The above information is false. I made it up just for example.)