Web Comics of Dooooooooom!

This is just a page advertising various web comics/manga that I've come across and like enough 'push'. ^_~ Have any you'd like to share (ie. 'push')? Drop me a line! ^^ If I like it enough, and I'm not hard to please *cough*, I'll add it to the list! ^^ Uh, when I have time. ^^;; Some of these deal with/have mature themes/subject matter, and some deal with/have homosexual content, but not all. Consider yourself warned. ^_~ Text links will have to suffice till I have more time, sorry. Now, in no particular order . . .

Note: Three new links added at the bottom. ^^ (Why the bottom? I dunno. It's just the way I do things. ^^;; I must be an uke at heart! ^_~ Not like I'd ever get to find out for sure . . . -.-;;) I have oh so many more to add that I've come across, but those three were resommended, uh, some time ago. ^^;; I just got around to adding them. Had to check 'em out first, ya know. And by that I mean take a look, and if it grabs my attention, read the archives! It took me a while to do. Fortunately, I was already a fan of one of them, or it would have taken longer. ^^;;


Sluggy Freelance

You're Wings Are Mine

Penny Arcade

Mega Tokyo

Kung Fool

Venus Envy


Shounen Ai Go!


Slanted Mind

All Wishes

Hurricane Party

Mac Hall

For the Love of Yaoi

Shonen Chikara

kiss for 'xx'

Everything Jake

Carrots and Cheese

Crazy Angels

Dirty Socks


Demonology 101

Closet Oddity

Lean on Me

C.Ulture Shocked


Dex Lives

Hengeyokai: Changing Spirit

Survive Bad Blood .com

Sinner Dragon

Boredom Tastes Like Chocolate


College Roomies From Hell!!

Joe Average

Blue Ribbon

My Life in Blue

Six Foot Better


Sparkling Generation Valkyrie

Tei & Riki

Affinity Uncertain

Cursed Moons

Mission Trance



Forbidden Heaven


Val and Laren

Live After Dead

Nova Next Exit

Amuse Me


Eversummer Eve

Fantasy Realm

Fate Martyr Sapheire

Glamour Lust


Mixed Myth

Okashina Okashi: Strange Candy

Radical Dreamers

Real Life Comics

Star Something

The Godly and the Damned

Tsunami Channel


Wish 3

Writer's Block

Alien Dice

Mory's Education


Wings of Change

Strange Daze


zero sleep beauty

Ghost Hunters

On-line Shounen Ai/Yaoi Manga/Comic Directory

Something Positive

Queen of Wands

Alas: Humor if Optional

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