Title: Blood of My Blood
Author: Sakata Ri Houjun
E-mail: kawaiichichiri@yahoo.com
Site: www.geocities.com/kawaiichichiri
Fandom: Inuyasha
Category: Sick Puppy, Purple Bruise
Type: Fanfic
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Inuyasha/random youkai
Warnings: Yaoi, rape/ncs, child abuse
Disclaimer: I'm not Rumiko Takahashi, therefore I have no real claim to these characters.
Summary: After the death of his mother, the child hanyou, Inuyasha, is found by his half brother, Sesshomaru, but is it out of mercy or...?
Notes: Though I wrote this fic, the original idea was conceived by my friend and RP partner, Jamie. Special thanks to Munky for being a great beta at the last minute.


Inuyasha sat among a nest of blankets in his room, cocooned in the flowery perfume of his mother yet finding no comfort from the ghost of her scent or the false heat of the sheets that used to adorn her bed. His tiny body was still covered with bruises and scrapes, the fresh wounds of his last beating not yet completely healed, but he was clean and fed, at least. The robes he wore were simple; the outer layer was a blue-line pattern over white and the inner was just blue. Inuyasha couldn’t complain. After all, he could have been tossed out to the wilderness by his mother's relatives, or worse yet killed as the abomination they saw him to be.

He looked around the room with half-lidded golden eyes. It was far from the main part of the mansion, as though he were nothing more than a dirty secret to his mother's prestigious relatives. Like his robes, it was simple, consisting of a futon and table, a single oil lamp burning. The hanyou supposed that he should have felt lucky to have gotten the room at all, but in reality, he didn’t. In fact, he felt like the most hapless person to walk the earth at the moment. His mother, the only person who ever cared for him, was dead and he had been beaten relentlessly since the funeral now that he no longer had her protection.

Inuyasha frowned, arms wrapped around himself as he thought. It wasn’t supposed to have happened this way. Why had his mother left him? Why did she have to fall ill? Why did her family feel obligated to put up with his presence if he wasn't welcomed among them? Initially, it would serve a better purpose for them to be rid of the hanyou than having him remain here. Right now, he was taking up space and eating food they might need. It would have been easier to just kill him or abandon him, Inuyasha knew. So why hadn’t they?

His questions went unanswered; as they had been ever since the day he first heard the word 'hanyou' and watched his mother cry. Inuyasha brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, breathing in the only remnants of his mother's presence. He couldn’t cry. His body had already realized that crying meant pain, and thus crying was unacceptable. Part of him desperately wanted to cry, though, just to rid himself of the awful feeling in his heart. It was guilt; his mother had died because of him. Everything that happened since then was of his own doing, since he was born a half-breed.

His body was trembling. At that moment, Inuyasha wanted nothing more than to join his mother. Then he wouldn’t have this horrible pain in his heart, he would be with her, he would be happy...

Out in the hallway he could hear the faint sounds of feet padding against worn wood, footsteps drawing nearer with a grave certainty that he was in for another night of abuse. It had been the same every evening ever since the funeral; one relative or another showed up in his room to curse his existence and strike him as though it were his punishment for committing the sin of being born different. Each echoing step brought a greater dread to his heart and he inwardly steeled himself against the inevitable pain that was to come.

The door to his room slid open and Inuyasha flinched, snuggling further into his mother's blankets, as though they could provide the same protection she had from the abuse. A long moment passed, seeming an eternity as the small boy simply waited, hoping deep inside that tonight's assailant would leave him be for once. From within his warm ball of false safety, a new scent penetrated his senses, a dormant instinct coming to life at the almost metallic smell. Very faint, almost indictable, it tickled at his nose.

Curious, he lifted his head from the shelter of fine linen, wide golden eyes focusing through the semi-darkness to the figure silhouetted in the doorway. At first glance all he could see was long hair that gleamed in the flickering lamplight, almost pure white in color, curtaining a narrow face that was more beautiful than his mother's. However the eyes that stared back at him were expressionless and cold, as though carved from stone. He could smell the deep earthy scent of an animal and noted downy fur that was draped over one shoulder, almost blending in with the long hair. But all the same, the little hanyou was awestruck, dumbfounded by the sheer beauty of the stranger that stood before him, like an angel. But did this unearthly creature bring hope or death for him?

"Come," the figure stated in a flat voice as expressionless as its eyes, a simple command that left no room for argument on Inuyasha's part. The boy had no choice but to obey, climbing out from beneath the blankets, his silver bangs falling into his eyes as he made his way across the floor towards the towering creature that captivated him so. One hand lifted gracefully, the sharp tips of claws beckoning him closer still. But Inuyasha hesitated, the first stirrings of fear clutching at his heart, for when that hand lifted the unusual scent returned, stronger than before, thick enough to leave a faint taste in his mouth. But with it also came the pungent aroma of some exotic perfume, deep and musky.

The barest of sighs escaped the figure before he knelt down, one fluid movement that put him at eye-level with the boy, dark eyes meeting those nervous and mistrusting golden orbs. "You are to come with me, away from these humans who do not want you." He held out his hand, those dangerous tips mere inches away from his face. Inuyasha stared at them in wonder and fear, heart leaping into his throat as his imagined those sharp points slicing his flesh to ribbons.

Swallowing convulsively, the boy lifted his eyes to meet the gaze of the beautiful figure, noticing so much more detail of this unearthly creature now that he was closer. "Y-you're...youkai...aren't you...?" He asked hesitantly, still afraid of the unearthly creature before him.

A moment of silence passed before the pale and slender vision bowed his head, only marginally so in affirmation. "My father was a powerful and fearsome dog youkai, one whose blood also flows through your veins as well." As Inuyasha blinked in astonishment at this new information, the youkai continued. "Though our mothers were different, you and I share that same father."

Finally the truth behind the youkai's words registered within Inuyasha's mind and his eyes widened. "Y-you mean...we're brothers?" Even as he voiced this question, he knew it to be true, instinctively. And it made sense after the countless beatings and insults slung at him. Though he had never known just who his father was, he had heard whispered in the hallways of the mansion that he was a monster because of the blood of his father that made him different from other children. His mother had always called him special and loved him unconditionally, but to everyone else he was an abomination to be either ignored or treated cruelly.

The youkai didn't answer Inuyasha's question, but his eyes glinted a bit in the low lamplight as his delicate-seeming hand lifted above the boy's head, drawing Inuyasha's gaze with it, following those taloned fingers until they touched the velvety tip of one pointed ear. The boy's ear twitched in response to the light caress, unused to anyone touching that part of his body. But surprisingly the touch was gentle as the smooth fingertip brushed through the fur of his ear and he couldn't help but relax, a new hope welling in his heart at the thought of finally being accepted by family again.

A ghost of a smile blossomed on the hanyou's face as he closed the distance between them, hugging the youkai with as much strength a child could muster, relieved to no longer be alone in the world. After a moment's pause, one hand rested against his shoulder, returning the embrace yet maintaining an air of distance between them. But Inuyasha didn't care. "Brother..."

"You may refer to me as Sesshomaru," the youkai replied evenly as he stood, breaking the child's embrace. Inuyasha gazed up at him, such trust shimmering in his golden eyes, an expression met by an almost cryptic smirk from his brother before he slowly led him outside his room. The mansion itself was eerily quiet as though the bustling household was home to ghosts, a fact that was lost on the hanyou child as he remained wrapped within the earthy scent of his half-brother's fur while being led outside past the blood-soaked hallways of his once-home and into the night.


Inuyasha found himself before a wondrously carved door. It stood in the middle of a beautifully sculpted hall that was adorned with priceless paintings and other lovely items. Ornate lanterns flickered a dim light, the polished wood of the floor reflecting it back up to create moving shadows along the corridor. Everything around him screamed of wealth and prestige, more elegant than the mansion he had lived in until recently. In all of his life, Inuyasha had never seen anything of this caliber of work, as though it weren't created of human hands.

It was of ample size, he could tell; the hanyou didn’t even have to have proper lighting to know that his newfound brother’s quarters would be inordinately spacious. He heard the door close behind him, and suddenly, a dire feeling struck him. Inuyasha could feel an abrupt sense of fear creep into his form. He had always been highly susceptible to feelings and instincts, and this case was no exception. In fact, the fear was so strong that Inuyasha found himself shivering even as he clung to the silky fabric that clothed his brother's leg.

“Are you cold?” Sesshomaru's gentle voice asked. The small hanyou fidgeted nervously, the portent of fear growing stronger with every second that passed.

“Are you cold?” The tall youkai repeated, showing no real hint of either annoyance or true concern in either his voice or expression.

The child lifted his head, gazing up at his only family, searching for the warm affection that his mother had always shown yet finding none. Inuyasha shook his head in response, wide golden eyes never leaving the flawless face of his savior and only family.

A deceptively delicate hand came down on his shoulder and Inuyasha tensed, used to being hit and slapped. He wasn't used to the almost gentle way Sesshomaru was treating him. The impassive youkai replied, “You’re shivering.”

The boy didn’t move. His mind was alert with the feeling of terror, heart thudding like a trapped bird behind his ribs. A small voice in his mind told him to run away as quickly as possible. But he ignored it, pushing it aside with the rationalization that this was his brother, his only family. Surely Sesshomaru would protect and love him just as his mother had.


Even as he slept, the portent of fear still managed to invade his dreams, shattering the fragile illusion of peace he found within the image of his mother's gently smiling face. Slowly he stirred into wakefulness, eyes slitting opening to a cast of moonlight across his face. His clawed fingers curled together, as his vision slowly came into focus, and he drew in a calming breath. One side to the next, he let his eyes draw across the room, less ornate than the hallway of his brother mansion but still beautiful even in the darkness. Yet there was something that made his body cold, his bones chill, and he wrapped his young arms around his small frame as he sat up. It was then that he noticed something slithering within the shadows against the wall, creeping towards him like an impending nightmare.

"W-wh--who's there?" He whispered meekly, his voice barely above a whisper. The hanyou was answered by something rough and dry sliding itself across his bare leg. He jerked, and drew himself in tight, heart pounding hard in his chest as he attempted to focus on the intruder. Suddenly the moonlight cast upon the floor tinted crimson, as a phantom hand drew the blood-colored curtains across the window. Silhouettes cast themselves across the floor, misshapen shadows unlike those of humans. Murmuring voices spoke among themselves in tones too low for the boy to make out clearly, yet the seemingly vile way they conversed gave substance to the dread that had been lurking in Inuyasha's heart since the moment he had set foot into his brother's mansion.

While the creatures hiding in the shadows distracted him, the same hand crept along his leg again; sharp claws dragging dangerously across his skin as it traveled up his thigh. Before the child could jerk away from the unwanted touch, a force threw him backward against the futon, knocking the breath from his lungs. A horribly inhuman face loomed above his own, grinning evilly, sharp needle-like teeth glinting in the sparse light. The red eyes of the frightening youkai glinted with carnal fervor as its other hand pinned down the hanyou's arm in a grip that could surely crush his fragile bones.

Inuyasha was frozen in panic, his amber eyes wide. Briefly, the thought of screaming flitted through his mind, but before he could do anything, the youkai leaned down and roughly kissed him on the mouth, sharp teeth piercing his lips. The boy tried to jerk away, but there was an infinitely tight grip on his arm, preventing escape. It felt like hours before he was finally released and allowed to breathe, and he found himself gasping for oxygen, his body trembling in fear.

The youkai took advantage of his startled reaction, and Inuyasha was roughly dragged over to the futon. The child was shaking and whimpering, and his mind screamed in circles, never ending and getting nowhere. Vaguely, he felt himself being pushed onto the mattress, held down by a pair of strong arms, such strength in those limbs that could certainly crush his tiny frame, but all he could feel was a mixture of fear and confusion. What was going on?

His thoughts were cut off as his body suddenly decided to respond to the violation. Inuyasha lashed out desperately, trying to make the man release him, his claws digging into flesh. The youkai flinched only slightly, but merely grabbed both of his wrists in one swift movement and pinned them above his head. Squirming helplessly, Inuyasha could only watch as his assailant straddled him, reaching a free hand down to untie his robes. Suddenly, Inuyasha realized with startling clarity what was happening.

“No! No, no, stop!” Inuyasha cried out, struggling to free himself from the creature’s grasp. His cries went unnoticed his struggles in vain, and Inuyasha was forced to lie under the youkai. He was trembling; his golden eyes wide and full of fear, but Inuyasha could feel with a certain sense of dread that his terror wasn’t going to bother the man above him. In fact, Inuyasha heard the youkai speaking, an iniquitous smile on his face.

“Silence, hanyou!” The youkai commanded as the outer layer of Inuyasha robes came loose. The boy continued to struggle, panic overwhelming him, but the monster paid him no mind.

“No, no, please!” Inuyasha pleaded, squirming and trying to free himself from the creature’s grasp. “Stop!” In a moment, his inner robes came loose, and Inuyasha turned his head in panic, only to spy his brother standing in the doorway, his tall frame lit by the lamps that lined the corridor. Renewed hope built within the child and he managed to wrench one hand free from his assailant, reaching out towards Sesshomaru instead of fighting back. His brother had rescued him once before, surely he'd come to his aid now and save him from this monster. Surely...

But the impassive youkai merely watched, no emotion flickering in his cold gaze. Inuyasha strained, the same fear that had taken hold of his heart when he first ventured into his brother's mansion clamping around him in an icy grip. "Brother!" he called out. "Help me!"

An eternity seemed to pass as he waited for some reaction, some show of power to stop the youkai who touched him from commiting this disgusting act. But the moment of waiting passed as something tore through his young body, the pain clouding his vision, and his screams were lost to the deaf ears of Sesshomaru. Inuyasha clawed at the creature that had invaded his body, writhing in agony as his virginity was ripped from him forcibly. Before he could even fathom the true horror of what had been done to him, the youkai had already begun moving in a rough rhythm, pounding into his body with such a carnal passion, his claws rending young, pale flesh, blood pouring from fresh wounds, lubricating the rapist's entry.

And as he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to block out the lustful face of his assailant, he could hear the quiet voice of his brother, a simple statement that struck him straight to his heart. "This is all a mutt half-breed is good for."

Suddenly a howl-like cry filled his ears and Inuyasha’s eyes snapped open as something filled him yet again.

It wasn’t blood though.

It was the youkai’s essence…

Before the weight of this reality could come crashing down on the stupefied child, the spent youkai had withdrawn, only to be replaced with another, a furred face burying itself in his lap to lick greedily at the blood that still flowed from his torn opening. Shocked back to his senses by this violating action, Inuyasha began to struggle but a thick-fingered hand clamped down around his neck like a vise, warning him without words to cease.

Inuyasha tried to fight but the strong hold on his neck was too tight and he could no longer feel his legs. The liquid that clung between his ass cheeks was beginning to make him sick and the lack of air he was getting to his lungs was making him light headed. The edges of his vision were beginning to black out and he could no longer really hear the lewd comments directed at him from the youkai that still waited in the shadows for their turn. The hanyou was vaguely aware of the leaving of the tight hand. But he could feel his body protest as he was flipped over and slammed against the floor. Cheek against the smooth grain of the wood, Inuyasha thought he made a sound…but his throat felt so swollen, that he wasn’t really sure. His head felt so clouded and his eyes began to haze over; the boy didn’t even feel them rip away the remnants of his clothing. He couldn’t even feel the chill in the air.

“You’re gonna like this like the mutt you are,” a gravelly voice whispered roughly in his ear before teeth bit into the silver-furred tip.

And suddenly the searing, unbelievable pain returned, shooting through his body, chasing away the numbness. Inuyasha screamed, eyes widening and awakening from his dream haze in a mille-second as his second rapist pushed mercilessly into him, reopening the slowly healing wounds left behind.

“NO!!” Inuyasha screamed, horrifying pain coursing through every muscle, through every nerve of his body. Throwing his head back, the child was ready to let out another scream when the cold, powerful hand circled around his neck again and choked off his air supply. Inuyasha hissed and whimpered pathetically as he felt something being emptying into him again.

Inuyasha was aware of something wet trailing down his cheeks. Tears. He was crying. But the tears might as well not have been there because no matter how hard he cried, no matter how hard he tried to plea, they wouldn’t stop. As this youkai got off his small body, another came in to take his place, brutal and vicious in his motions, not even giving the poor hanyou a chance to recover.

The silver-haired child felt another plea bubble up to his lips as the new youkai in his body started jerking in and out, fresh blood spilling down his legs. He could feel it, warm and sticky as he bled, soaking in it. The coppery scent filled his nostrils, almost covering up the thicker scent of his violation, the same scent that had faintly surrounded his brother.

Inuyasha knew he managed a whimper and was rewarded with the phallus in his body digging further into him, leaving him feeling as though he were being split in two. All he could feel was pain. All he could hear was the pleased grunts of those violating him. Inuyasha cried but no longer would his body corporate, instead trembling in pain.

All the hanyou could do was wish that the night would end, taking this nightmare with it. He felt the tears spill hot and fresh down his face and a vile, monstrous voice chuckled within his ear. The boy froze, his whole body icy over. The darkness closed in and the smell of blood filled the air as it started all over again. His own blood.

Inuyasha grunted as the thick muscle inside him began to rock in and out, swishing blood and liquid together. His sensitive ring was beyond bruised and every time it was touched a searing fire shot through his body. Inuyasha’s tears began to flow heavier. But it wasn’t just the pain anymore. It was faintest trace in the back of his head, that he began to believe in the horrifying truth that he had seen in his brother's eyes. Maybe pain was all he was good for… Sex was certainly pain… He was a hanyou, a half-breed, and should never feel good…should only be hurt…

Another choked sob escaped. He was losing his mind in just a matter of seconds…

Hips began to rock faster but Inuyasha was no longer aware of any pain.

The boy fought against this repeating thought, twisting in his nightmares. Blackness seemed to be swallowing him, choking off his air. So much like a vise around his neck, slowly squeezing away his life, cutting off all sense of reality. Inuyasha began to feel the panic rise into his chest, suffocating his heart like a disease but he couldn’t move…

Like the stab of the knife, Inuyasha went completely into shock in his black world. Thrusting, aching, unbelievable pain. Every breath he took was like swallowing water. Every time he tried to turn his head away, the clawed hand of his rapist tightened and killed him some more. Every time he screamed for help, the thrusting of the thick organ forever inside him came faster. Something he would feel every time he moved. Something he would remember every time he would take his clothes off. Something he would smell even after the wounds would heal. And the one thing that he would always hear…

"This is all a mutt half-breed is good for."

When it was over and the last youkai had left him alone in the darkness of the room, Inuyasha didn’t cry; all his tears had long since run dry. But he did fall asleep slowly, his naked and abused body beyond exhaustion. Before sleep was able to claim him, he could hear the emotionless voice of his brother slide through the oppressive silence, caressing against his skin like an icy chill.

"Little hanyou, the child that should not have been born, sleep and heal for you will fulfill the only purpose that is suited to an abomination and cater to the desires of those who are your betters like the thing you are." Then the door slid closed punctuating his fate and plunging Inuyasha in absolute darkness.

The abused hanyou child clenched his teeth tight as he shuddered in pain, something fierce surging through his chest as he closed his eyes, refusing to give in. "You're wrong..." he whispered softly, his voice far from broken. "You're all wrong..."