Title: Death's Wish
Author: Songdance
E-mail: Songdancer13@yahoo.com
Category: Damned Rhyme
Type: Original
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: none
Warnings: death and torture of a soul, murder
Disclaimer: I own it all, mwahahaha!
Summary: A short poem written from the POV of a girl who was murdered and now seeks the one that killed her.
Notes: I wrote this in my freshman year of high school while bored in English and later used it as a monolouge in Drama class. I have always wanted to know what others would think of it, so I decided to enter it here when I read the rules and things and realized that it fit. This is the second version of the poem, and it's not as good as the first. I can't find the original, so I hope that everyone likes this one instead. The end is a little different.

Death's Wish

I travel
I travel back,
Back in time.
To a place that I remember,
But have never seen.
As I arrive
I feel a sharp pain,
A gash in my side.
As I fall I look up.
I see a man,
His sword is bloody.
He smiles,
Leaves me there to die.
And as I die,
My blood spilling forth,
I make a wish.
I am a spirit, a watcher, a ghost.
I wander in search,
In search of others,
To make them make that same
Fatal Wish.